Monday, June 25, 2012

Top Ten Google+ Local Optimization Tips You Can Count On

As the dust settles on Google's move to create Google+ Pages and merge them with Google Places, there are certain aspects of the effort that we can know almost for certain as to the methods you should be using to get the highest possible ranking on Google search.  I have read hundreds of articles on this subject over the past four weeks and the following is not being reported.

1.  The Google "Web" search is the most important search tool.  Almost all searches by consumers looking for local SMB's (small businesses) providing goods and services are done in the Everything search.  It is the default search, and only a tiny minority of searchers are going to the side bar and choosing Places or Maps for their search.  My best guess that most of those who are using Places or Maps are consultants and small businesses trying to see how they are doing on Places or Maps.

The content on the Google Web Search is blended.  Any type of media can show up in the Everything Search, that is why it has that name.  Over the past month or so, the top 30 ranking has dramatically changed, even though the top ten has not changed very much.  What has changed is that there are less keywords that provide any Google+ Local listing results and some that do now have fewer than before.  The obvious local businesses still generally have seven Google+ Local listings.

Therefore, the number one most important thing to know about optimizing after the Google+ Local decision - Continue to optimize all channels and media with the goal of having a above the fold, page one position on keywords you care about.  That might be a YouTube video, your website, your Yelp Listing, a press release, a blog, or your Google+ Local listing.

Creating quality media content across a huge range of channels has been our headline offering at Randy Kirk & Associates since Local Search began.  We encourage every SMB to create YouTube Videos, great websites, press releases, articles, and blogs.

Next.  What do you think is #2 on the list?  Do you agree with our #1 Optimization tip for Google Search after the Google+ - Google Places merger?

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