Saturday, June 2, 2012

Google Places Pictures: How to Get More Than 10 Pictures on Google Places

Would You Like to Have More than Ten Pictures on Google Places? 

For some business owners, trying to figure out how to get 10 pictures on Google Places is a strain.  They already have a picture of the store, one of Ma, and one of the front desk.  What else can you think of to put up there.  

First let's address the case of the owner who has many product lines, designs, food choices, or some other reason why ten would be a starting point, not the end point.  How can you get past the magic 10 allowed by Google.  According to author James Dreeson who wrote

SEO for Google Places - The Secret to Crushing Your Competition with Local SEO and Google Places [Kindle Edition]

the answer is to call in your friends.  They can add pictures to your site as customers or just part of the crowd that is helping Google be complete.  Imagine a bike shop in Orange County California, like my client at A Road Bike 4U.  He carries about 30 different models of bikes from 5 different brands, and those are just road bikes.  That doesn't count the potential for putting up pictures of his state-of-the-art interior or his hi-tech professional bicycle fitting room.


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