Friday, March 23, 2012

Google Places Ranking Secrets 2012 - Get 100 Reviews or More

Getting More Than 100 Reviews on Google Places Might Help Ranking. 

A recent report on the factors that seem to be effecting Google Places ranking concluded that having 6 - 99 reviews will not be more effective than having 5.  Five is the low magic number.  100 is the magic at the other end of the list.  The report did not parse out whether 101 beats 100 or 500 beats out 400, but they did see an effect for having more than 100, and suggested that ranking would be effected by the gross total above 100. 

I understand that all of us have serious priority issues in running a small business.  As a consultant I constantly work to get past the five review threshold with every client, and find it hard to imagine why 100 or more is out of reach.  Like eating an elephant, it just needs to be attacked one bite at a time.  Eight or nine reviews a month, and in one year you are there. 

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