Sunday, March 25, 2012

Google Places Ranking Factors Can Get You Suspended

If you read this blog in detail, then spend some time on other blogs and websites, not to mention videos, you will eventually have a very sophisticated understanding of the Google Places ranking factors.  Unfortunately, I might have read a bunch of books and watched videos on how to swing a baseball bat, but it take a bunch of swings, many of them strikes, before I get the application of those rules down pat. 

I get calls every day from folks who have managed their own Google Places business listings for months or years, only to have their world come crashing down around them, because Google has changed the rules or stepped up enforcement of the old ones.  They find their above the fold page one ranking has dropped to page three, or they have been suspended or even had the account closed.  Check out this video on ways to increase your Google Places ranking and avoid being suspended.  Then if you'd rather go back to selling the stuff you are an expert in, call me to handle this for you.  Randy Kirk 310-910-1848. 

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