Monday, March 5, 2012

Google Places Helps Ontario, California Bakery Reach 30th Anniversary

Being Number 1 On Google Places for a Bakery is Going to Make All the Difference in the Sales and Profits. 

If you own a bakery, you probably depend on three things for your success:  Walk in traffic for the basic yummy treats and coffee, regular birthday and all occasion cakes from families and businesses nearby, and wedding cakes.  All three of those customers are very, very likely to use Google Places to either find a bakery or to find your phone number or address.  You do not want your current or potential future clients to have to look down the Google Places Page to find your listing.  While doing so, they just might stop and check out your competitor.

A little over a year ago, Ontario Bakery was seeing an erosion in their sales.  Within a month of hiring us to help, we had secured top of the page positioning for them on multiple keywords and in multiple geographic areas that they serve. 

We are happy to report that Ontario Bakery, located just South of the 10 Freeway on Mountain Ave and Fourth Street, will celebrate their 30th anniversary since they purchased the shop.  Congratulations to Chris and Kathy Fabos and their staff.  And thank you, Google Places.

PS.  In that we are more than just a Google Places Help company, we are actively helping Ontario Bakery with their huge month-long anniversary sale and a big party on the 31st.  Let us know if we can help you with your upcoming big sale.

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