Monday, February 27, 2012

Why You Need a Google Places Expert as Explained by a Google Places Expert

A Google Places Expert Tells Why Every Small Business Owner Should Hire a Google Places Expert

I am educated as an attorney.  In fact, I have a law degree from UCLA, which when I graduated, was the 10th best law school in the US.  When I make minor legal decisions, I generally count on my own knowledge.  However, it is a true statement that "a lawyer who has himself as a client, has a fool for an attorney."

I would say that for almost all small business owners today, the decision to go it alone on internet marketing, and especially Google Places, would render the owner of that business the same distinction as the above attorney.  Here's why?

1.  Most Google Places Experts can be hired for $100 an hour or so.  Their knowledge should allow them to create the correct optimization of Google Places many times faster than the business owner.  So, lets say that the cost would be $800 total.  If it takes the business owner 40 hours to do the same work, he is paying himself $20 an hour.  If your time is only worth $20 an hour, go to work for someone instead of risking your time and treasure on your own business.

2.  You cannot possibly keep up on changes in Google Search or Google Places.  You can see from this blog that we are experts in Google Places.  We spend hours per week researching, analyzing, and working in the Google Places world.  If you are doing the same effort, you are taking those hours away from the proper management of your enterprise.  Use your time to improve elements of your business that are in your own area of expertise.

3.  You will undoubtedly get it wrong at some point.  Google Places Black Hat methods or just plain wrong methods can get you punished severely.  Any such bad decision that gets you suspended or ranked on page 2 or 3 or worse, can end up costing you $1000's of dollars in lost sales.

4.  The ROI on an expert job on Google Places is huge.  How long will it take to get back your $800 if the phone starts ringing more?  Two days?  A week?  A month?  Sure, you can't pay the $800 and then not have some maintenance, but I'm going to suggest that paying $800 a month will still give you a huge return. 

We at Randy Kirk and Associates charge $845 a month.  But you get Google Places Expert direction and execution, plus a huge list of other marketing help.  Would you pay $845 for five professional YouTube videos?  We include 5 per month in our offer.  Would you pay $150 or more per month to have someone manage your email campaigns?  Included.  Would you pay $500 a month to have someone set up and manage your blog, FB, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn?  Included.  Would you pay $3000 a month for a comprehensive marketing consulting firm to address the full range of your marketing needs?  Included.  And there is back link support, SEO for your website, citation support, press releases, and the list goes on.  All for $845 a month. 

For some of you, one extra customer per month would cover that entire investment.  For others it might take 10.  And the coolest part of all.  Almost everything we do for you is permanent.  Not like Yelp or YP or PPC or Print advertising.  Your YouTube videos, blog posts, Google Places and more will still be sending you business years from now.

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