Saturday, January 28, 2012

SEO, SEM, SMBs Be Very Afraid of 2012

I'm not afraid of Global Warming.  I'm not afraid of Barack Obama or Newt or even Ron Paul.  I don't fear Bird Flu or Aztec Calendars or even trans fats.  But as a internet marketing consultant who helps small business owners to get their phones to ring and their doors to swing through the use of internet SEO and SEM, 2012 is likely to change almost everything.  Those who are not getting professional help this year are likely to fall way, way behind.

Google+ (Plus).  I was early to this phenomenon, but having been burned by Google's forays into social media a few times, I backed off my effort to keep abreast of this category.  But with 90,000,000 folks on board and more coming all the time, I took a second look this week.  OMG!  Twitter better get an answer fast and Linked In has maybe two years to respond.  Facebook will undoubtedly have the smarts and the cash to keep up.  The functionality and the integration with the rest of Google's vast tool kit are not to be lightly brushed aside.  Google Plus be a major game changer in 2012.

Siri.  38,000,000 iPhones in one quarter.  24,000,000 iPads in the same period.  Apple TV certainly coming.  Siri in your car, your boat, Siri everywhere.  Have you noticed that Siri and your iPhone don't necessarily use Google for search?  Hmmmm.  My non-restaurant clients are getting around 15% of their traffic from mobile, almost all IOS.  My restaurant clients are up around 25%.  Any guesses as to what those numbers will look like with 100,000,000 new iPhones and 75,000,000 new iPads added in 2012.....At least!  Oh sure, Android will be there and be competitive and have a talking assistant.  But for the first time in a long time, the small business owner can't be sure your client is looking for you on Google!!!!  Siri and Apple have already changed internet search.

Reviews.  Add to the above, the ever increasing use of reviews by those searching the web, and you have a perfect storm.  You have to have great customer service EVERY DAY.  And if you blow it, you need to KISS A.. !  Just get over it.  Put your ego, your righteous indignation, and your anger management problem in a box somewhere and seal it with super glue.  Or Don't do business.  Get a job where you have no public contact.   You must manage your small business reputation in 2012.

Steps to success in 2012.  Get on Google +.  Learn how to optimize your status there.  Start using it.
Get a professional to help you with Google + and with Siri (Apple Mobile), and Android.  You will need a mobile website and maybe an App.  Don't Do it Yourself.  Talk about customer service every day.  Put up signs.  Ask for reviews.  Deal with bad reviews in a professional manner.  If you have a rating of 3 stars or less, call a professional reputation manager or SEM company.

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