Saturday, January 1, 2011

Google Places Optimization Pages Updated

I made a New Year's Resolution first thing this morning.  I decided I was going to update the Pages on this blog to fit with the current rules and punditry at Google Places.  So the following topics have been updated.

If you have thoughts or opinions about any of these pages, please let me know.

SHOULD YOU DIY or call us.  If your business is so slow that you have nothing better to do than to learn all about Google Places, then keep up with the weekly changes to how they score and what they allow or don't allow, go ahead and use all the attached information to optimize your Google Places Listing.  Keep in mind that one critical element to getting highly ranked is the citations, and those can take 30 hours or longer to research and learn to use.

But if you are not a great writer, or you don't particularly enjoy all this internet work, or your business is busy enough to keep you doing what you love instead of this, you will find that our services are really quite affordable, and that we can help you with things like YouTube videos, article submission, press releases, email blasts to client lists, blog set up and postings, Facebook Fan Pages, Twitter, Linked In, and getting reviews. 

When you call 310-910-1848 you don't get a sales person.  You get me, Randy.  I do have associates who do some of the work, but they are all located right here in the good ole USA.  Your primary contact will always be me.  We will get your phone to ring.  If we don't, fire us.   If you prefer to contact me by email, send it to

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