Sunday, May 30, 2010

Google Places Directory - Ten Tips on How To Get Conversions from Google Places Business Listings

Getting your chiropractic office set up on Google Places is one thing.  Getting it on the outside MAP is the second thing.  But what if all that work doesn't cause the phone to ring.  No internet Marketing plan is worth anything if your resulting visibility does not result in conversions or actions taken.  What is a conversion?

A Google Places conversion is turning the impression into a visit, the visit into some kind of action, and the action into an order.  At any point along the way, the process can get hung up and the impression is wasted.  It is not unusual to see companies get 30 impressions per day with only 3 actions such as clicked a link to the website, blog, or other link offered, looked for directions, or checked out the coupon.   Google Places offers no method for finding out if someone calls your company on the phone.  Your staff should be asking every caller and visitor to the store how the person heard about you so that you can determine which advertising efforts are paying off.

What can you do to increase conversions:
  1. Be on the outside MAP.  
  2. Show up #1.  If this is obvious, sorry, but it needed to be on this list.
  3. Have lots of reviews.  Consumers assume (probably correctly) that number of reviews correlates with quality of the business
  4. Make sure you have a great first picture as it is the one that shows up as a thumbnail icon.
  5. Fill out everything in the listing in great detail per the tutorials and posts in this blog.
  6. Have plenty of action steps available.  Use links in the NewFlash section and the More Details.
  7. Offer a great deal in the coupon and in the NewsFlash
  8. Look over all the content and ask if this content would sell you on taking action.
  9. Make sure you website, blog, facebook or any other resource the client clicks to is a selling machine.  Does it engage, persuade, close, and capture the client.
  10. Watch your analytics and make changes based on results

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