Friday, May 21, 2010

Can You Pay Us to Help You with Google Places Business Listings?

We are in the business of helping small businesses with their internet marketing as well as their more traditional offline marketing.  We have become especially proficient and knowledgeable with regard to Google Places, thus you have this blog.  However, we are top drawer creators, designers, and developers of websites, email blasts,  PR releases, YouTube Videos, blogs, and related activities. 

Our prices tend to be under market as our niche is businesses with no employees up to about 50 employees.  We have no interest in becoming a 10 story office building with blue reflective windows.  Instead we would be excited to have a bunch of mom and pop businesses growing and prospering in part due to our input.

You can learn a lot more about our services by going to  You can learn a lot more about me personally by Googling my name, or checking out my old nasty website at  It is pretty ugly, but the information is very valid.

I have also produced a couple of dozen Youtube videos that might help you with various aspects of your business such as collections, sales, or how to benefit from the use of YouTube videos.

Call me anytime at 310-910-1848.  No secretaries to intervene, no voice mail and call back.  You'll almost always get me.  I might be at the ball field watching my son strike out the side, but I'll still pick up. 

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