Saturday, April 24, 2010

Fixing Google Places - Pictures

I am going to take Google on.  I happen to be a major fan, so who better to pick at their nits.  But the truth is that Google Places has the potential to be awesome, and it seems like the parts that keep it from being the cat's meow are easy to fix.  So the rants begin.  Don't hesitate to add your own rants to the comments below, or email me and I'll set you up with your own column.  Maybe if we raise enough stink, they'll actually solve some of this stuff. 

The pictures section is the worst of the problems, so I'll address that first.  Thank You Google Places for allowing us 10 pictures.  It is totally a neat deal that you use the first picture uploaded as the icon for the listing on the inside map pages.  But why have you made it so hard to make the pictures look good.  No other local search engine has this issue.  If you try and put up a normal 3 X 4 picture, it commonly squashes the contents and distorts everything.  Sometimes it cuts people's heads off (see above).  Go ahead, check out any page on Places and you'll see distorted pictures.

Number Two - Why can't we have a caption on these pictures?  Google, you are supposed to love information.  So how is it that the pictures are left naked with no explanation as to what we are beholding in them.  We get to know who supplied them.  Who cares?  We want to know what the heck we're looking at.  How hard can this be?

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